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How LankaBIZZ Works?

Ask your Question

Simply type your question into chat interface. You can ask questions about any business sectors or company regulations in Sri Lanka.

AI powered Answers

LankaBIZ respond to your queries and provides detailed, easy understand answers. LLM is trained to analyse and research industries and companies of Sri Lanka.

Informed Decisions

With LankaBIZ assistance you can make better-informed decisions based on current economic and business situation in Sri Lanka.

Our Resources

Economic Outlook

Latest reports, indicators and surveys relating to economic performance of Sri Lanka.

Business Regulations

Latest laws and regulations applicable to operating a business in Sri Lanka.

Analysis & Research

Latest analysis and research of key business sectors and industries in Sri Lanka.

Our Services

LankaBIZ for Individual Users

Ask as many business questions as you have, whenever you need. LankaBIZZ is here 24/7, offering comprehensive answers to guide you through the complexities of investing and doing business in Sri Lanka.

LankaBIZ for Professionals

Accuracy matters. LankaBIZZ can provide you precise, up-to-date information relating to various business sectors and its future potential improving knowledge to take the most prudent business decisions.

LankaBIZ for Companies

Let LankaBIZZ help you provide required information for your day to day business decisions. These could include business research and analysis, company regulatory actions from starting of a business until winding up.

Service Features

Accurate Answers

Get accurate and latest responses to your queries backed by AI extensive trained on Sri Lankan business and investments.

Saves Time

No need to search for answers online for business advisors response. Get instant answers to you business queries.

Secure & Confidential

We prioritise your data security. Your information remain encrypted and confidential.

Our Team of Professionals ready to provide additional Business Support

Business Advise

We provide business advice to individuals and businesses with regard to all business matters on professional basis. Our fees are based per consultation. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Business Research and Analysis

Our annual retainer based business solution is ideal for those who are busy to handle business research and analysis independently. Email details for fee quote and appointment.


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