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LankaBIZ now offers AI based On demand Financial Research and Analysis to investors on exclusive basis covering all Sri Lankan companies, sectors and economy.

  • Equity Research
  • Industry/Sector Analysis
  • Stock Market Performance
  • Economic Outlook  

AI and Expert Collaboration: All reports are generated using a sophisticated AI platform and are meticulously curated by qualified Investment Analysts, ensuring the highest standards of content and verification.

Branding: Reports are also available in White Label format to facilitate your own branding and Logos.

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  • Company Profile & Background
  • Latest Financial Performance
    • Analysis of Income Statement
    • Analysis of the Balance Sheet
    • Analysis of the Cash Flows
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Risk and Future Prospects.

  • Company Update – Any recent information, new releases, quarterly or annual results, major contracts, management changes, or any other important information about the company.
  • Financial Information & Valuation – Analysis and forecast of the company’s income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, and valuation.
  • Investment Thesis – A summary of why the analyst believes the stock will over or underperform.
  • Recommendation – Typically to buy, sell, or hold shares in the company.
  • Risk & Disclaimers – An overview of the risks associated with investing in the stock
  • Exclusivity – These Reports are exclusive and will not be shared or redistributed.

  • Real Sector
    • GDP Growth
    • Inflation Rates
    • Interest Rates
    • Exchange Rates
  • Fiscal Sector
    • Domestic Expenditure
    • Budget Deficit
    • Tax Implications
  • External Sector
    • Imports
    • Exports
    • Foreign Debt
    • Foreign Remittances
    • Foreign Direct Investments
    • Foreign Reserves
  • Monetary Sector
  • Financial Sector
  • Implications of IMF bailout
  • Debt Restructuring


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