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  • Rights Issue of shares

    Rights Issue of shares

    A Rights Issue is a method by which a company raises additional capital by offering existing shareholders the opportunity to purchase additional shares directly from the company in proportion to their existing holdings within a fixed time period. The procedure for a Rights Issue, as outlined in the context provided, involves several key steps: This…

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  • Sub division of shares

    Sub division of shares

    Sub-division of shares, also known as a stock split, is a process by which a company increases the number of its outstanding shares by dividing each share into multiple shares, without changing the company’s stated capital. This means that while the number of shares increases, the total value of the shares held by each shareholder…

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  • Learn CSE Rules and Regulations with the help of AI Assistant

    Learn CSE Rules and Regulations with the help of AI Assistant

    LankaBIZZ helps you find answers and to be knowledgeable about the Stock Market Rules and Regulations through AI. Listing & Trading Rules, CDS & Clearing House Rules, Dispute resolution Rules. Ask many questions as you like. Example Questions & Answers How to list a company on CSE? To list a company on the Colombo Stock…

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