Trans Asia Hotels PLC: Financial Performance for year ended 31st March 2024

Trans Asia Hotels PLC demonstrated a strong financial performance for the year ended 31st March 2024, as evidenced by the data extracted from the company’s annual and interim financial statements.

Revenue Growth:
The company’s total revenue for the year 2023/24 was Rs. 4,461,845,000, which represents a 25.02% increase from the previous year’s revenue of Rs. 3,569,025,000. This growth is a positive indicator of the company’s ability to increase its sales and market presence.

The profit from operating activities for the year 2023/24 was Rs. 303,832,000, a significant improvement from the previous year’s Rs. 92,180,000, marking a 230% increase year-over-year. This substantial rise in operating profit suggests that the company has effectively managed its operating costs and possibly benefited from increased operational efficiency.

Net Profit Before Taxation:
The net profit before taxation for the year was Rs. 233,975,000 compared to Rs. 107,896,000 in the previous year, showing a 117% increase. This improvement in pre-tax profit indicates that the company has not only increased its revenue but also controlled its expenses effectively.

Gross Profit Margin:
The gross profit for the year was Rs. 2,027,433,000, which is 40% higher than the previous year’s figure of Rs. 1,446,327,000. The increase in gross profit margin is a strong sign of the company’s pricing strategy and cost control measures.

Other Financial Highlights:

  • Finance income increased by 387%, from Rs. 4 million to Rs. 19 million.
  • Finance costs decreased by 9%, from Rs. 202 million to Rs. 183 million, leading to a net finance cost reduction of 17%.
  • Administrative, sales and marketing, and other operating expenses all increased, but the revenue growth and operational efficiencies appear to have more than offset these cost increases.

Comprehensive Income:
The total comprehensive income for the year was Rs. 418,208,000, which includes both the profit for the year and other comprehensive income.

Employee Count:
The number of employees at the end of the year was 618, slightly higher than the previous year’s 601, indicating a modest increase in the workforce.

Parent Company:
The ultimate parent company of Trans Asia Hotels PLC is John Keells Holdings PLC, which may provide additional stability and support to the hotelier.

Overall, Trans Asia Hotels PLC’s financial performance for the year ended 31st March 2024 reflects a company that has successfully increased its revenue and profitability. The growth in key financial metrics suggests that the company has capitalized on opportunities and managed its operations effectively during the financial year.


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